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Slight of hand in the media.

July 20, 2016


In today’s constantly connected world information about the events happening around us are easier than ever to get. On your phone, your computer, your tablet, and on your television information is constantly fed to us about what topics and situations should be important to us. World shaking and absolutely catastrophic news stories arise from out […]

Just say no? 

July 19, 2016


Every time a law pops up at a state or federal level that tramples all over the constitutional rights of the people we all write letters and Facebook posts explaining to politicians why they can’t do that, but why? Are we under the impression that they somehow don’t know that? It’s not like we are […]

Recession or Depression

April 29, 2014


So called experts and our wonderful government have used the words recession and recovery a lot in the past few years. Are things really as we are told or the terrible things that happened in the depression just hidden from plain sight? As we go about our daily lives is the poverty and struggle just […]

What are you prepared to do about it?

November 9, 2012


An awful lot of us predict what the future might hold. We fear what those in power have planned and what the world will be like for our children and our grand children. We can see the writing on the wall and where events are leading. These are valid fears and important discussions to have, but more […]

What does Free mean to you?

August 29, 2012


We as American’s seem to forget our roots. Not only our family roots but our countries roots. Our Founding Fathers gave us freedoms and liberties that we are granted by nature by God. Freeing us from a tyrannical government who sought to control the people and tax the hard-working into poverty. Imagine what those men […]

Concealed Carry: The Trickiness of Being a Woman

August 24, 2012


As a woman who conceal carries I can say it has been quite the pain to figure out the best way for me to do so without changing everything I do. I prefer skirts, dresses, and light flowing tops especially in warmer months. In winter I wear pants and long sleeves but the extent of […]

“Bear Arms?”

August 15, 2012


Carl Rowan a man from Washington D.C. who pushed to make hand guns illegal shot an intruder with an illegal handgun he had in his home in the 1980s. It’s people like this that I don’t understand. This is an example of  the hypocrisy in our country. Why does he feel it’s okay for himself […]