The most powerful gun I have ever fired

Posted on July 19, 2016


I have fired many guns in my life, one of my favorites was a 44 magnum revolver. The sound, the recoil, the intense power of that cartridge could be felt with every pull of the trigger and it was awesome! However that revolver is not the topic of this article. The most powerful gun I have ever fired was Rohm 22 caliber revolver. If you haven’t guessed by now I’m not measuring power by muzzle velocity or foot-pounds of energy. 

   This diminutive revolver was the first gun I fired as a small boy. It belongs to my Grandpa and I will always remember the subtle crack of those little 22 short cartridges as we shot at the hill side across a creek. This is the gun that sparked a love of firearms in me and as will probably come as no shock to anyone handguns are still my favorite to shoot. 

   I consider this the most powerful gun I  have ever fired not because of the impact the rounds made when they hit a target but because of the impact that gun had on me. My Grandpa, and that little revolver, are why I am a gun owner today. And why I will pass that responsibility, and the understanding of our fundamental rights that I have gained from it, on to another generation. 

   I hear talk of the AR 15 being the weapon that will defend freedom and I’m not downplaying the importance of such weapons. However I believe a 22 in the hands of a new generation of Anericans who will come to understand the responsibility and importance of gun ownership will go much further to help ensure the love of freedom in all aspects including the right to bear arms will, never die. 

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