Just say no? 

Posted on July 19, 2016


Every time a law pops up at a state or federal level that tramples all over the constitutional rights of the people we all write letters and Facebook posts explaining to politicians why they can’t do that, but why? Are we under the impression that they somehow don’t know that? It’s not like we are hiding the constitution and dictionaries from people so there’s not really a point in telling them something they have got to already know. 

The question to us then is what do we do? The answer is simple and been done by people as long as oppressive laws and the governments that enforce them have existed, just say no. Write the letter, send the email, make the phone call and just tell them no. They work for us, they are supposed to be the voice of the people not “leaders” that get to decide what is best for us. 

The history of this country is full of people who reasoned with politicians and laws but ultimately just said no, and sometimes those people faced consequences to that but sometimes that is the cost of freedom. Now I’m not telling anyone to willfully break the law because that would be…illegal. I’m simply asking the question at what point do we just throw our hands up and say “no, no more I’m done with this” and just go on about our lives and disregard the self directed edicts of those paid to supposedly represent our will not their own. 

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