Participation Awards, Good Job Showing Up.

Posted on April 30, 2014



Growing up I was taught you go to school you get good grades, participating in activities I was taught you give it your all and maybe you win maybe you lose and if you lose you try harder. There was no trophy for just being on a team or ribbon for showing up. You got rewarded based on your skill level and standing out. For me it gave me a challenge to strive to be the best and I know I am not alone.

Seems over the past few generations our perfect little princes and princesses that have grown up in their little bubble of safety from the world and awards for participating. Continually believing just that. They do not need to change and everything they do is spectacular. Only problem is everyone can’t be right and showing up doesn’t make you a winner.


These children, from even my generation and following generations eventually grow up to be adults. Entitled, selfish, lazy adults that think the world isn’t fair. Who would have guess the world isn’t fair? These people maybe more often than not show up to work and do minimal work and think they deserve a raise or promotion. They complain the person next to them putting in double the hours and working twice as hard doesn’t deserve it because they aren’t there to see it. Or maybe they do but they are SPECIAL!

Participation ribbons and having everything handed to you because you’re mommies special person doesn’t continue once you’ve stepped into the real world. In the real world there is only one winner in almost every facet of our lives. The person willing to work or train or study harder will probably win. The person dedicating their time to their job or health or studies will prevail.


There are so many things today that make me want to shake my head in disappointment and even in disgust. Such as the recent out cry for $15 an hour for unskilled entry level positions. Or the requirement picking up around schools to invite all of your child’s class to a birthday party. Ridiculousness!

How will rewarding someone for filling out an application for such a job with that kind of wage make anyone want to work harder or be better. Especially when skilled labor entry level positions pay around the same wage? Why have a few good friends come to your kids birthday party? No invite them all even the ones your kid doesn’t know or doesn’t get along with. That way little Billy doesn’t feel left out. Okay where’s the logic in that? If half the class doesn’t like Billy he still will feel left out at some point.

I’ve heard people from all walks of life complain about where the future is going. We are creating the future. Heck young adults are a huge part of the problem right now. Unmotivated, whiney, unwilling to give it 110% because we have been told we are perfect, we are right, we are #1. It’s not true! And no matter how wonderful your child is it is not true for them either, stop spreading the lies. There will always be someone smarter, faster, or more dedicated than you or your child. And if there is not there will be someone trying to one up you or them at some point.

We keep this up and who knows what will happen. Life is competitive, there is only one gold metal, there is only one boss at the top. Life doesn’t recognize you for being mommies little perfect person. It recognizes you for what you put out.

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