What are you prepared to do about it?

Posted on November 9, 2012


An awful lot of us predict what the future might hold. We fear what those in power have planned and what the world will be like for our children and our grand children. We can see the writing on the wall and where events are leading. These are valid fears and important discussions to have, but more important is what we are prepared to do about it.

I fear that a great deal of us have forgotten our history. The history of the American people, our heritage as a nation. And I do mean OUR, not the history of the white Christian male but the history that is there to be claimed by all who would call themselves an American. Claimed by a modern Thomas Jefferson, Crispus Attucks, A Thomas Paine to give us all a little common sense.

So many negative things can be heard about American history. And the truth is there is more than one blemish in our collective past as there is in each of our individual pasts. But what do we do with poor choices and mistakes in our own lives? Do we focus on them and become ashamed of being us, deny our past and strive to become something we can hardly recognize? No we take the good, we learn from the bad, and be proud of the changes and progress we make.

Our Future as a nation is dependent on connecting to our past. A past full of independent thinkers, tough individuals, self reliant men and women who built a nation the best way they knew how with the sweat of their brow and the skin of their two hands. Who stood up to tyranny and refused to be subjugated, Who said not today, not in my home. Who were not afraid to fight for what they loved and believed in. Read our history, read our Constitution, study the founding fathers and their struggle for your freedom. Discover what they did when heavy handed government came to their door, and ask yourself. What are you prepared to do about it?

What will you do if your right to defend yourself, not against a junky in a ski mask but against true evil, is questioned? If the fiber of freedom and the true American spirit is threatened by any enemy foreign or domestic will there be Americans in this age as there have been in ages past that took a stand for what was right. We must be prepared to be the next greatest generation a new age of patriots and heroes. Next time you engage in conversation about the future or find your mind wandering to days ahead and you see the threats to our way of life and to the greatest nation that has ever been, don’t simply wail and lament for our collective misfortune. Seriously consider with a level head and great conscience, What are you prepared to do about it?

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