lessons learned

Posted on November 4, 2012


The tragic events in the north-east remind those of us who prep why we do what we do. sadly it takes events such as this to make some understand the importance of being prepared for the disasters that may befall us at anytime no matter how unlikely it may seem. for those of us in the rest of the country, we can learn from watching what the unfortunate people are facing with gas, food, and water shortages as well as contending with a break down of the justice system and looting. Food, water, fuel and security all staples in prepping and we have once again been shown why they are.

We have also been shown with the massive flooding and loss of life that bugging in isn’t always the best option either. a well layed plan to bug out can be a life saver when facing the awesome force of hurricane force winds and massive storm surge even just having a temporary plan to escape locally to higher ground could save the lives of you and your family. The simple fact is that certain things we just can’t stand and fight and stubborn resolve to attempt it is not brave but fool hardy.

Seeing the mass devastation also reminds us that talking to friends and neighbors about prepping is of the utmost importance. They may not heed our warning but for those that do our words may save lives and spare them some of the suffering that inevitably shadows a tragedy of this magnitude. The more we can expose our communities to the prepper mind-set, the more we can do to mitigate the effects of such disasters on our neighbors and loved ones. My hopes and prayers are with the victims of hurricane Sandy and their families, let not their suffering be lost on the rest of us by missing out on a opportunity to learn and effect real change in our lives and preparation.

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