What does Free mean to you?

Posted on August 29, 2012


We as American’s seem to forget our roots. Not only our family roots but our countries roots. Our Founding Fathers gave us freedoms and liberties that we are granted by nature by God. Freeing us from a tyrannical government who sought to control the people and tax the hard-working into poverty. Imagine what those men would think of us as a country today. How they would feel about what we as a people have done?

At one time American’s as a whole not just the few and far between of today knew what hard work was, knew how to sustain themselves and their families. They knew what The American Dream was honestly about.  The American Dream is rooted in the Declaration of Independence which states that all men are created equal and with their natural freedoms with certain inalienable rights, or the rights given to man by God.  Including “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

Today the American Dream has been perverted a few times over. The American Dream does not include a white picket fence 2.5 kids and a dog. It is not this nearly socialistic government we are about to create that provides your every need at an expense most do not understand. It was about being able to use your God-given rights, about protecting yourself from a government that may try to take those rights away.

That being said everyday we as a country are willingly handing over those natural rights to our government to live more comfortably, to be less responsible for our own actions and well-being. We are willing to give up freedom and be told what to do if it means the government will take care of us even if it means in the end we have no freedoms.

We have changed government function to include things such as abortion, climate change, gay marriage, and the environment, our governments simple functions were to be;

1: Form a more perfect union (The government will be fair to all States)

2: To establish justice (Protect those who obey the law)

3: To insure domestic tranquility (Allow people to lead a tranquil life)

4: To provide for the common defense (Policing, and Army)

5: To promote the general welfare (This means to promote, not provide for people)

6: To secure the blessings of liberty (Our God-given rights, not to provide the people with them but to secure the people have them)

Now over time of course as things change, things will be changed but how did something so simple become what it has today?

Our Constitution seems to mean nothing to so many, mostly those who like to speak out against anything and everything. However these people do not seem realize that in other countries that is a huge deal. Freedom of speech is one of our great freedoms. Every time those against other amendments of the Constitution speak out we risk losing the simple freedom to do so. The Second Amendment, (having the right to keep and bear arms) whether some want to admit it or not protects your First Amendment rights, without it the government would have nothing to fear from its people. Our 4th Amendment rights are dwindling speaking out against the government can give them cause to invade your privacy, even though again per our 1st and 2nd Amendments we are allowed to do so. Our 5th and 6th Amendment is a joke, with mainstream media ( Covered by our 1st Amendment) due process has gone out the window, an impartial jury does not exist. Most argue the people have a right to know, but if it means impeding on someone elses rights that’s not “equal or fair.”

These examples of loss or potential loss of freedoms should be scary to the American public but there not to most Americans. Our natural freedoms oddly enough are the foundation for our country being a great one, freedoms other countries can only dream of having. We need to take back the control of having our natural freedoms stop giving the bloated and corrupt government control and take care of ourselves, work for what we have, be able to speak out against corruption without being labeled a terrorist, defend ourselves against more than a mallard or deer, be innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent.