Concealed Carry: The Trickiness of Being a Woman

Posted on August 24, 2012


As a woman who conceal carries I can say it has been quite the pain to figure out the best way for me to do so without changing everything I do. I prefer skirts, dresses, and light flowing tops especially in warmer months. In winter I wear pants and long sleeves but the extent of my layering is a jacket I can take off when I am indoors as it is usually warm wherever I go. Unless I am doing outdoor activities I am not in heavy layers that makes carrying concealed on my person without my weapon sticking out like a sore thumb.

My husband suggested dressing more like him. Heavy jeans, nylon belt an oversized shirt and in cold weather a vest, blazer, or fleece. I said no way. I prefer my girly attire and I think overall so does he. I wasn’t willing to give up a part of myself to carry my firearm. We tried with most of my wardrobe to make concealing my gun work, however it was a failed attempt. My shirts are too thin and my bottoms are too flimsy and attempt to fall off with the weight of a gun even with a belt.

Woman have curves so it would seem if placed just right on your body that you would be able to hide a handgun easily. Not the case. My hips posed a pretty good portion of the problem. Unless I was willing to wear my pants just under my bustline the gun wasn’t hidden, it just stuck out more. No matter which angle it was canted at.

My husband came across a bra holster that seemed like would solve my problems. It attatches to your underwire and is a clam shell that holds the gun firmly allowing you to draw quickly. We promptly bought one only to be disappointed by the fact that if you bend down the weight of the gun pulls the holster out of place and flips up. This not only shows you have a weapon on you making concealing it a moot point, but also then you must adjust your firearm in a place you will inevitably be drawing more attention to.  There are other variations of this holster I do want to try just online buying is a pain in my opinion. Mail it back, hope it makes it back, and wait to be credited back. Not worth it. I hope the holsters pop up in stores soon.

We researched purses for carry, since I always have my purse on me and am very protective of it, I figured this would be my method. I looked at what seems like every purse on the market and hated everything. Most of them are ugly and seem like it would be a pain to get to. I am a bit of a snob when it comes to my purse as well, so I really wanted to stick to my brand and style. My husband and a sales guy we spoke with suggested if it was necessary I shoot through my purse. Silly men, my purse costs as much as my gun.

The search for my brand of “handbag” was on. It was tough though only one store where I live sells my brand and has a limited selection, and well that store is a kind of “Lefty” so testing out my gun to see if it fit into the pockets properly was not an option. I searched for months and finally found one online that my department store had only to find out the pocket would not work for my handgun. With the help of my husband and his excellent knowledge I was able to find a handbag that would fit my gun perfect with easy access and keep it concealed.

From my experience I would say it’s very important when thinking about conceal carry to evaluate your everyday life. The way you dress, the places you go and what you do while you are there. If you just think you buy a handgun a holster and get your conceal carry permit you will be disappointed. I went through 3 handguns before finding a caliber, size and weight of a gun I could personally carry. I didn’t want a tiny gun or caliber such as a .22 or .380 which are both highly popular among women.  Do your research, look at your wardrobe and try to make it so you don’t have to dress like anyone but yourself when looking to conceal carry.

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