Concealed Carry as a Woman: Ruger LC9 Review

Posted on August 15, 2012


In my search for a gun to conceal carry I wanted something larger than at .380 or a .22. So I started with .40 caliber a subcompact Glock and a compact Springfield XD. I looked for ways to carry them and it seemed near impossible as a woman they were large, heavy just all around bulky. Loaded too heavy for a purse and I didn’t want to wear mens jeans with a nylon belt and oversized shirts or coats to carry. So I searched for something different. I found the LC9.

The LC9  is a small 9mm handgun. Which i found to be perfect for me. It is only 6″ in length 0.9″ in width and just over a pound at 17.10 ounces. And has a 7+1 capacity.  I tried a few different ways to carry it and finally decided to use my purse as my way of carrying. I have my purse on me at all times anyways so it works out great and I can dress any way I want too.

The LC9 is reliable, comfortable and accurate. All great things to look for when looking for a gun to carry. Straight out of the box I had a great grouping. Which with practice has only gotten better.  Super important to me to be accurate as a carry gun and for me to be accurate. If you should ever have to use it you want accuracy you don’t want stray bullets. Practicing is just responsible as a gun owner and even more important if you plan to carry.

Take down isn’t as easy at with the Glock or XD you have to use the key provided or a soft tool to move a lever down to release a pin. There is a trick to it my husband helped me find out press down and pull up. Past that take down is just like any other pistol.

I highly recommend cleaning the gun after every use. I went out twice and fired the gun and didn’t clean it. The third time I did the gun didn’t fire because brass had built up around where the firing pin comes out. Now I clean it after each use, it’s not effective as a carry gun for defense if it doesn’t fire. I was used to the Glock and XD which are made much differently for combat conditions and to take abuse. The LC9 isn’t made the same so it takes different care.

Overall I love my LC9 it’s everything I was looking for, it’s light, compact, accurate, easily concealed, and did I say accurate. I love it and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to carry a smaller gun without having to compromise!

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