“Bear Arms?”

Posted on August 15, 2012


Carl Rowan a man from Washington D.C. who pushed to make hand guns illegal shot an intruder with an illegal handgun he had in his home in the 1980s. It’s people like this that I don’t understand.

This is an example of  the hypocrisy in our country. Why does he feel it’s okay for himself to be protected by the ownership of a fire arm but others in D.C. shouldn’t be able too.

Is his life and protection somehow more important than yours or mine? I don’t think so.

Criminals are just that criminals, they commit crimes, which means in turn they do not believe in following laws. If you take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, what do you have? Only criminals with guns. I exclude law enforcement because as much as I respect the job they do they have a response time in which you could be robbed, raped, or killed before they arrive.

Sometimes I think that people who want to play with the 2nd Amendment don’t understand it properly or comprehend what the words that are in it say. For example infringed, the definition of infringed: to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another. I am pretty sure that is straight forward enough. To me this say it cannot be touched.

People seem to think that the Second Amendment is about hunting, it absolutely is not. When the Second Amendment was put into place the thoughts behind it were because American settlers wanted to deter a tyrannical government, repel invasion, suppress insurrection, have a right to self-defense, participate in law enforcement, and allow the people to organize a militia. None of which include deer jerky.

Some people think okay well I understand a hand gun or a shot-gun but those assault rifles are only for killing people and your average person does not have any need for something like that. When the Second Amendment was in place they didn’t exist they didn’t mean for civilians to have those. Those who say that do make a point, however an invalid point. No they did not exist but your average civilian at the time had the same guns the government and army did at the time. Something to think about.

Our Army has assault rifles and if the government God forbid ever decided to turn on us the people how do we defend ourselves from this? With our 7 bullets in our handguns? Or our 6 shells in our shot-gun? The point to the Second Amendment was only partly about self-defense against the average criminal. The Second Amendment was put into place to protect the people again a government gone bad. So for those Second Amendment bashers please tell me how if the government turns on us how we defend against them with their assault rifles, grenades, artillery and air assault.

I know most people are up in arms about recent shootings and loss of life and I too think this is a tragedy.  No one in any of the recent or past of mass shootings deserved what happened to them. I couldn’t agree more. However I have to say that a ban on guns, or a limit on capacity will not and cannot stop anything from happening again. The reason for that again is because criminals do not care about the law. High cap. Magazines and assault rifles wont disappear because there is a law against it, and criminals wont say ‘hey this is illegal I better not buy or obtain it’

You have to look at the big picture, you have to be able to comprehend what you read especially when it comes to our rights. I know that the government being corrupt to some is beyond comprehension. A good thing to remember however is how our country was founded and why. Settlers risked everything to protect the freedoms that are a God-given right, to get away from a tyrannical government. Part of that was giving citizens the right to own fire arms, and not specific ones either, or specific capacities.