Crossing a line

Posted on August 9, 2012


More often than not the line that seperates a criminal from the average law abiding citizen is that indivduals choices. One chooses to steal, murder, rape, or otherwise cross that line for whatever reason. Everyday we are given the choice to do right or do wrong, to decide on what side of that line we stand on.
But what if someone took that choice away by moving that line on you? By making the right decision criminal. By making the decision to defend your family against the truly criminal element unlawful. Sadly there are those who would have this done if the choice was theirs alone.
the push to infringe on our second amendment rights is nothing new but is being pressed with renewed vigor. Recent tragedies are being blamed on semi-automatic firearms, and the constitutional Amendment that protects them. They say that such weapons are not necessary for citizens to own, they are too dangerous for us to be trusted with and simply having one should put you across the line between criminal and responsible citizen. As long as true criminals can break laws and become a threat, we need the means to defend our families and ourselves. And as long as governments can become oppressive and tyrannical there will always be a need for the second amendment.
If we allow one of our constitutional rights, that’s what they are rights not privileges, to become illegal. Where will the line move next? how many more will be made criminals from patriots? We must draw our own line and hold it. And use the rights protected by our constitution to do so.
We must become active and vocal and encourage others to do the same. Refuse to give in and give up a single of your basic human rights. Taking a gun from a good man in no way protects him from an evil one. Write letters, hold signs, make phone calls, host events, write a blog. Anything to peacefully resist the taking of your rights. Or one day, you will find yourself across the line.

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