Concealed carry in a disaster situation

Posted on August 8, 2012


This is my take on carrying concealed in a disaster. Check with local authorities on laws in your state and obtain the proper permits before carrying a concealed weapon.

Many Americans today choose to exercise their second amendment right and legally carry a concealed weapon by obtaining the proper permits for their state to do so. Some states do not allow the carrying of a concealed weapon but in the states that do this practice is useful both in everyday life and in the event you find yourself in a disaster scenario.
Obtaining a permit and and selecting and carrying a weapon before a disaster has many advantages. There will almost inevitably still be some semblance of law left and having the proper permits will be a good idea should you come in any contact with them. This will not necessarily protect you from some heavy handed and unconstitutional actions like those we saw during Katrina but it is best to follow the law. Second by carrying before an event you will already have all the necessary gear to carry concealed comfortably and effectively. During a disaster there are plenty of other things to think about without finding out some piece of equipment doesn’t work for you. Also it allows you to practice from that particular holster with that particular gun long before you may ever need to use it.
A concealed weapon is just that concealed. Meaning you will not draw unwanted attention should you need to venture from your home or bug out location. Years ago I experienced Hurricane Charley and After it was over the power was out, the water stopped flowing, it was hot, and people were not happy. The need for me to defend my family could easily have risen, but the national guard soldier at every stop light would likely have frowned at me wielding an AR 15. where a pistol concealed under my shirt would have gone un noticed. A handgun concealed on your person offers protection and stealth, allowing you to blend in instead of sticking out to potential assailants and the authorities as either a mark or a threat.

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