Springfield XD45 review

Posted on August 5, 2012


I will Start this review By admitting I am somewhat bias. The Springfield XD45 is my personal carry gun. Not because I am in some way affiliated with them but because I love it!

The pistol came with a thick plastic case that is useful for transportation. Inside the case are two 13 round magazines. the magazines are stainless steel and feel very rugged, The base plates are removed by depressing a pin and slide out easily for cleaning and maintenance. Also in the case is a magazine holder capable of holding two magazines. there is a retention screw on the holder allowing you adjust the tension holding the magazines in. It holds the magazines well but it is almost too bulky for concealed carry unless wearing a heavy jacket or vest.

There is also a belt holster  with the same retention screw. It holds the weapon in a comfortable position and with the adjustable retention can be made to draw quite easily. It too however I personally found too bulky, and also it sticks out a little too far for concealed carry without a heavy over garment.

The pistol is a striker fired single action pistol. It has a raised loaded chamber indicator on the top and a striker indicator on the back. When the weapon is cocked the striker indicator on the back pops out and can be felt with the thumb to ensure the weapon is cocked. The loaded chamber indicator also pops up when a round is in the chamber and can be verified by sight or feel. These features are nice for checking the pistol in low light conditions and take very little time.

It is equipped with a trigger safety and a beaver tail safety on the back of the grip. It has no thumb safety to disengage before firing. There are effective arguments for and against manual thumb safeties but I like this set up personally.

The pistol points easily.  And is one of the most comfortable pistols I have ever held. The grip angle and size of the grip allow a firm and high hold on the grip even from an IWB holster close to the body. This is especially important when practicing strong hand only.

It delivers consistent and tight groups given my ability holds up. this model is not the XDM and therefore does not have the match grade barrel but for a combat pistol it is more than affective. trigger pull is listed on the Springfield website at 5.5 to 7.7 pounds, the trigger pull is not the most crisp ive ever felt but gets the job done well.

It is taken down by locking the slide back and rotating up a take down lever at the front of the frame, pulling the trigger and removing the slide forward. Even in freezing weather with numb and wet fingers this process is very manageable and quick. My wife manages it in short order with acrylic nails.

The weight listed is 30 ounces empty. It is a little heavy for a carry gun but its a trade-off for 14 rounds of 45 acp and a 4 inch barrel. I find the weight to be an acceptable trade  for the capacity and comfortable grip.

I’ve carried this pistol for 4 years and even given its weight and expense to feed, I love it. It does everything I want it to and nothing I don’t. rain, shine, snow, cinder dust, mud, and a bit of neglect and it always goes boom and is as accurate as my meager skill can make.

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